Thursday, 21 January 2010

i'm a fly i'll die tomorrow, so give me all you've got

lack of posts recently, apologies. days have been filled with revision for modular exams and then sleeping for days afterwards. new jack wills catalogue came today. have to admit I was beggining to dislike it as it became more mainstream, but in this new catalogue it has redeemed itself.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

we walked down holland avenue and watched the rich as they consume

auguste abeliunaite (right). the skin, the hair, the eyes, the CHEEKBONES, those mother fuckin DIMPLES. charlotte is green with envy. this girl is my new obsession. kendra spears.
fueling my ali michael obsession, backstage from recent spring/summer '10 shows.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

blogging from my windowsill

yet again christian dior show us how it's (really) done. collection by mr. galliano. i have to say that, although i am aware that some of the crazy pieces we see on the runway are the future of fashion, its nice to see women dressed as, well.... women. the cuts, the fabrics, the sheers; they all add up to make a truly stunning collection. in my mind, any collection designed with lauren bacall in mind is worth looking at.

if we look at dior over the years, never has it ceased to supply us with chic, ladylike, classic designs
see christian dior timeline

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

the captain and the hourglass

i need a summer fix. all this snow is getting to me.
the captains got his boots on and he's heading out the door. leaving his lady alone thinking he don't love me no more.
he's done with all this bullshit he's going back to war. if heaven is as heaven does then this is hell for sure

oh honey dont let me walk away from this

if i'm trying to fuck up my own life. then until i figure out why, i think its best you keep your distance lest i fall in love.
image bloom

blogging from the bathroom floor

Dries shows us how its done once more.

this is hopefully what my summer will look like.