Friday, 26 February 2010

the graveness it is too much to bare

I just returned from New York City, a place which has changed my life for good. It may be cliche excetera excetera, but i do not understand why anyone would want to be anywhere else. In the words of Eleanor Waldorf: (if your a gossip girl junkie you will know what I'm talking about)
"anyone who lives anywhere else is just kidding themselves"
Shes right, I don't believe I've ever sobbed so hard in my life than when driving through the Lincoln Tunnel away from the city. But, perhaps i have. A few days ago, the most inspirational woman i have ever met in my life passed away, words cannot describe (yet another cliche) how that felt. She moulded me into who i am today and was completely oblivious to the magnificent effect she had over other human beings. That, ofcourse means this post is dedicated to her. Trust me, It is the VERY least i can do.
On a lighter note, here's some goodies from NYC. And a photo of me playing Audrey outside of Tiffanys.

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